:: Astrology Zodiac Wheel Stained Glass Pattern (B)
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Astrology Zodiac Wheel Stained Glass Pattern (B)
Astrology Stained Glass Zodiac Wheel (B) (From Book One)

Limited Sale Price:
26x26 - $28.00
30x30 - $30.00
36x36 - $46.00


This printed stained glass pattern is available in the following three sizes. 26"x26",30"x30",and 36"x36".

Make your purchase by selecting the pattern size of choice.

Each stained glass pattern is printed directly from a computer pattern file giving beautiful clean and numbered pattern pieces with accurate cutting lines.

I do not photocopy the pages. These printed stained glass pattern pages are easy to assemble. Just cut off the excess portions on the individual pattern pages,and tape the pages together to assemble your pattern.

The prices include two complete sets of the full size pattern. This gives you both your working copy for you working table and your pattern copy to cut your glass pieces from.

As a free bonus I also include (3) 8.5"x11" numbered pattern pages for you to experiment with coloring on plus (1) non-numbered 8.5"x11" page. Packaging and handling are also included.

There will be a $15.00 shipping and handling fee added onto this order when you are at the checkout.

Any stained glass artist knows that pattern preparation and execution can be very time consuming.

My printed patterns allow you to start building your stained glass project without much fuss.

Calculate your time and expenses to make the patterns on your own and you will quickly see that the prepared stained glass patterns are well worth the investment.



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